Christmas at cheshire Home

Christmas at cheshire Home
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Picture in Manorama

Picture in Manorama
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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Chicken and Chicken Pox....

Did I tell you my friends that my wife had left for UK for a short while.. Every one said oh.... now you are free bird.... how can i be a free bird when I have one tweety and a bull at home... Kosho (my younger one) reminds me of the bull(spanish fighting bull)ha ha ha... poor boy.... he is very loving... Another friend asked me, " How do you enjoy your bachelor life?" I said, "I am a married ineligible bachelor" True na... what a sweet plight of a man.... I used to enjoy this life... not now... Its really boring... no one to share your thoughts, ur feelings, ur sorrows... ur joy... Its expensive to share your feelings with a person sitting 4000 miles away... Oh.. sad now she is also feeling the same thing... sitting at home as she is affected with varicella zoster virus.. strange .. she had to go all the way to the Englsih land to have that.. poor girl.. she is all alone during day time... I was just thinking if there was any connection between Chicken and chicken pox... no nothing.... Most people, however, reckon the name comes from the resemblance of the chickenpox spots to chick peas, with the blisters looking like they have been placed on the skin. So there you go.
Keep in touch friends.. (i dont have many...)


Tara said...

prayers for Maya !!! happy that you are back ..

THALAKAL said...

i didnt go anywhere. Reasons are many.. Work .. Other things.. Busy during day time .. By the time i reach home .. Dont feel like sitting in front of the comp... E63 helps me in checking my mails... So easy na....